Growing an eCommerce business online requires a balance of three core pillars:


A solid foundation - an eCommerce platform that fulfils both customer and merchant needs


A strong brand message and effective digital marketing strategy to drive growth


A product that customers actually want.

Platform Consulting

If you’re looking to re-platform an eCommerce store, I work with clients to define their business requirements, existing technical stack and workflows to validate Shopify Plus as the right fit.

From there, we develop a brief to select the right partner and get to build as soon as possible.

Business requirements gathering
Functional specification & prioritisation
Platform assessment
Business case & brief creation
Partner selection

Note: My Relationship with Shopify
I have eCommerce experience across multiple platforms including Magento, Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Big Commerce, and am an advocate of Shopify and Shopify Plus. Whilst I find there are increasingly fewer scenarios where Plus is not able to handle a merchant’s demands, if it turns out that a client's business requirements mean that Plus isn’t the right fit, I will happily refer them onto a consultant who specialises in the right platform.

Growth Marketing

Once our foundation is up to scratch, I use data to identify key opportunities for online growth - both domestic and globally - and the most cost and time-effective ways to execute on them to deliver the maximum return.

Data analysis
Growth marketing strategy
Online advertising
Customer lifecycle marketing
Team training
International growth strategy

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