I'm Kate.

Digital Swiss Army Knife

I'm an eCommerce consultant and growth marketer, focussed on driving revenue online.

I specialise in the Shopify and Shopify Plus platforms, focusing on platform, data & analytics and digital marketing strategy.

I love constantly learning, so I'm a hands-on consultant - that means strategy that actually gets actioned. I get into the execution and collaborate closely with clients' internal teams or engage experts in the field.

What I Do

I work best with online businesses that are established, but need strategic support and prefer not to engage an expensive agency.

I always start with your existing data, uncovering insights to drive revenue and get to work making it happen - whether supporting a re-platform to Shopify Plus, or developing a marketing strategy and executing through internal resources or my own network of experts.

Digital Marketing Strategy
Data & Analytics
Facebook advertising
Google advertising
Email marketing

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